ColourVUE 22mm Sclera Lens Amunet Reborn

ColourVUE 22mm Sclera Lens Amunet Reborn

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Fitting Diameter: 22mm  Base Curve: 11mm
Power 0.00
Replacement 6 Months Disposable
Water Content 45%
Material Hydrogel Terpolymer
 Packaging 2 lenses per box
    • FDA approved material. CE approved. 
    • Sterile to ensure safe from fungus.
    • 100% Quality Inspection.
    • Proven in permanency test of colour pigments.
    • Consistent Diameter @ Base Curve.
    • Samples retained for traceability.

Sclera lenses has a diameter of 22mm, it is much more difficult to wear sclera lenses. You should already have experience with contact lenses before wearing Sclera lens. Sclera Lens is much larger than most other circle lenses, there could be some discomfort while wearing it, and may even affect your vision. 

  • Please avoid activities that required good vision, such as driving.
  • Recommended wearing hours of sclera lens is 2 hours maximum. 
  • Only store sclera lens in sclera lens case and with contact lens solution.

Character to cosplay : Mummy, Zombie, Double Iris

Thank You for purchasing with Oh Lens Asia !!! 

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