BioFree Menstrual Cup Disinfection Case

BioFree Menstrual Cup Disinfection Case

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Biofree Menstrual cup Box, the 2 in 1 solution that allows you to effectively clean your menstrual cup but also to carry it everywhere with you. Medically tested, the sterilization process of your cup with the Biofree Menstrual cup Box allows you to go from 1,000,000 bacteria deposited on your cup to 1. Speed, security, efficiency and discretion!


The effectiveness of cup disinfection with the BioFree Menstrual Cup  Box has been tested in a specialized laboratory approved by the Ministry of Research. Thus, we can affirm a log reduction of 6, i.e. your cup is reduced from 1,000,000 bacteria to 1.


Farewell to pan sterilization, from now on disinfect your cup discreetly in only 5 minutes in the microwave. No more waiting for the water to boil in full view of everyone or only when you are at home. Now sterilize your cup wherever a microwave is available.


Take your clean cup with you wherever you go. No risk of soiling or contamination, your cup remains sterile in its box until its next use.


  1. Before and after each use,
    deposit your menstrual cup,
    stem towards the bottom of the box
  2. Fill your BioFree Menstrual Cup Box
    of water to the line
  3. Lid open, heat
    5 min in the microwave at 750 Watts
  4. Let your cup cool down, your cup is (really) clean!


The effectiveness of the disinfection process of the box was tested by a microbiology laboratory.

Effectiveness of sterilization

The log reduction is calculated by comparing the number of bacteria on the menstrual cup before and after disinfection with boiling water:

A log reduction of 6 means that disinfection reduces the number of bacteria 1 million times. That is, if a menstrual cup carried 1,000,000 bacteria before disinfection, disinfection reduces the number of bacteria to 1. A disinfection process is validated if the log reduction is greater than or equal to 5 for all strains tested.

We recommend sterilizing your cup before each insertion or at least once a day. The simple and good reason being that bacteria can remain on your menstrual cup for several days, it is therefore preferable to disinfect it as frequently as possible. If you do not have this possibility, clean your menstrual cup with a mild soap, such mild shower gel.