Review ColourVUE Dolly Black Lens

Packaging: 2 lenses per box
Power: Plano (0.00), -0.50 to -8.00
Replacement: Three (3) months disposable
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.0 mm

The first one would be #ColourVue Big Eyes - Dolly Back❤   The reason I choose it is because I want something natural and make my eyes looks bigger.  =)
You can see from the before & after picture, my pupil does turns bigger.
And it looks so natural because of the colour is Black, don't you think?  :3
I already wear it like 2 weeks and I didn't feel dry or uncomfortable. Of course, you need to take good care of your eyes and the lens. Please don't be lazy, wash it everytime you prepare to wear and take off.

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