ColourVue Crazy lens - Cheshire cat

  • Diameter (DIA) : 14.0 MM
  • Base Curve (B.C) : 8.6mm
  • Water Content : 45% 
  • 3 month expiry 
  • Comes in only one prescription of plano 0.00 
Pattern is simple cat eyes which leads to the problem of the lens rotating- making it lop sided, so you'll end up one side with a horizontal eye while the other is vertical for one instance.
BUT surprisingly this occurs VERY rarely because for some reason once you put the lens in- it repositions itselfeverytime you blink. 
So for example- you put your lens in and it's the right way (vertical oval), after a couple of blinks it'll rotate itself and adjust to do half a rotation until it's vertical again and then it'll stay without sliding. I don't know what it is or maybe the way it's specifically shaped but yeah. 
The pattern DOES stand out and you can see the cat eye pattern clearly but not ridiculously instantly noticeable if someone passes by. Overall color and pattern - I am quite impressed.
There IS one thing of the pattern I have to note as with most of these crazy lens is that it may hinder abit of your vision because of the circle where your pupil see's through may be smaller than your actual pupil. So sometimes you'll be seeing abit of the lens but this happens sometimes, usually when you move.

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